At Tide Salford Ltd/Tide Elvington Ltd (trading as we only ask you for the information we need to manage your booking, send you newsletters and offers if you want them, and understand how our website is used.

We do not pass any of your data to third parties for advertising or marketing.

Managing your booking

Our Website

We capture anonymised information about all visits to our website to help improve the website. We also capture data on how visitors find our website. To help us do this, our website uses small pieces of code called “cookies”.

We do not have cookies from third parties on our website.


We use a third party booking system to manage your booking securely and contact you about it. The personal data this system stores about you is your name and contact details. It also stores information about your booking and the dates and amounts of your payments. We can see and update the data. The system used is Lodgify.

Bookings via third party travel agents

We also advertise on sites like Airbnb,, Away with the Kids, Tripadvisor and the like. Those sites have their own privacy policies.


We use a secure third party payment system to process card payments. The personal data we can see about you is limited to your name and the last four digits of your card, we will never see any other card or account details. The system we use is Stripe and their privacy policy is here.


Our housekeeping team use e-mail, WhatsApp and Messenger to prepare for each set of guests. This is typically the number of beds, whether or not you are bringing a dog, and any dietary restrictions for your food basket. The team may also discuss any damage done to the property. This anonymous data may include images and is linked to the date of your stay. If you choose to contact the managerial team during your stay for advice or in an emergency, and information you pass to them will be deemed as with your consent.

In the Cottage

Wifi and Broadband

Our Broadband (and by association WiFi) may not be used for any purposes that are deemed illegal and UK Law.

We have no direct access to data about your use of the wifi or broadband, however if the legal authorities ask us to provide information about usage, logs or other records we will work with our telephone and broadband provider to co-operate to the fullest extent.

Smart TV

You can access your Netflix and other streaming accounts via our TV.  Please log out of any accounts you use before you leave. We do NOT check this, and we are NOT responsible if you remain logged in.

Information we keep

Record Keeping

We record your name and the dates of your booking and the dates and amounts of your payments in our accounting system. We do this in Xero. Their privacy policy is here.

News and updates

We occasionally send out emails with news or special offers. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. We do not pass your information to other organisations for marketing purposes.

We may still email you about your booking even if you opt out of our marketing emails.

About us

Our Data Protection officer is David Vincent, and you can contact Ben at

If you are not satisfied with our response or believe we are processing your personal data not in accordance with the law you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

This privacy policy was last updated on 20th August 2021.